Pallet Jack Scales

Whether it's in the warehouse, on a production floor, or at the shipping and receiving dock, Adam Equipment's pallet jack scales are designed to handle the rigours of any industrial or manufacturing setting.

Pallet jack scales (also known as pallet truck scales) are mobile forklifts with a weighing sensor and two pronged steel forks that can easily slot underneath pallets for lifting, weighing and manoeuvring around warehouse environments.

Adam pallet jack scales include rugged polyurethane wheels that provide smooth operation and are non-marring, to ensure that floors stay unmarked. Heavy-duty steel forks are generously sized, while zero-radius pivoting handles offer exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spots. Adam's PTS pallet scale includes a rechargeable battery-powered AE 402 indicator, which offers a wide range of features and functions for prompt, reliable results.

PTSplus Pallet Jack Scale

PTSplus Pallet Jack Scale

The PTSplus pallet jack scale offers an easy way to manage, move and weigh heavy loads. Heavy-duty reinforced steel pallet forks are generously sized and provide durable lifting capabilities.