Moisture Analysers

Fast and efficient, the PMB moisture analyzer by Adam Equipment provides an alternative to the time-consuming method of oven testing. The PMB not only hastens the drying process, it minimizes the possibility of burning a sample, which can produce false results. PMB uses the basic "loss-on-drying" technique to simultaneously weigh and heat the sample, reducing the testing period and providing greater measurement accuracy. In many cases, the PMB can replace traditional oven testing and also the Karl Fischer titration method of analyzing moisture.

Moisture Analyser

PMB Moisture Analyser

PMB Moisture Analyser

Adam's PMB moisture analyser features a built-in halogen heating bulb for fast and effective sample drying. The PMB is used to determine moisture content in organic samples such as food, grain and cosmetics.

50g to 200g
0.001g / 0.01% to 0.01g / 0.05%