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Adam's OIML calibration weights sets for precise weighing scale and balance calibration. 

Calibration weights come in several denominations including M1, F1 and E2. M1 weights are typically used on standard compact bench scales, whilst F1 weights are used to calibrate precision scales and balances. E2 weights offer superb levels of accuracy and are used for calibrating the best balances, including analytical balances and micro-balance models.

Our calibration weights are constructed from stainless steel with cavities and are packaged in an aluminium box when purchased as part of a set.

Key Specifications




Calibration houses:

Specialist calibration houses require calibration weights for testing weighing scales and balances are within the specified tolerance levels.


Laboratories require balances with high-precision for measuring fine chemicals and compounds. Analytical and micro-balances weigh samples in tiny increments and therefore it is important that balances are regularly calibrated to ensure weighing results are consistent and do not fluctuate after intensive use.



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