OIML Cast Iron Calibration Weights

OIML Cast Iron Weights
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Adam Equipment's OIML approved cast iron block calibration weights for external calibration of larger scales and platforms.

These block calibration weights are approved to M1 Class OIML specifications are are particularly suited to calibrating larger platform scales such as Adam's PT.

Key Specifications



Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Approvals Request a Quote
Picture of M1 5kg Calibration WeightM1 5kg Calibration Weight 5kg - -   Request a Quote
Picture of M1 10kg Calibration WeightM1 10kg Calibration Weight 10kg - -   Request a Quote
Picture of M1 20kg Calibration WeightM1 20kg Calibration Weight 20kg - -   Request a Quote


Calibration houses:

Calibration houses require calibration weights to check that scales and balances meet the specified tolerance levels.


Block calibration weights are often required for regular calibration of pallet scales and weighing platforms. Rigorous use can cause scale resolution to drift, regular calibration ensures that scales maintain precision.


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