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Versatile and portable, the MTB digital baby scale offers excellent value for paediatricians and other healthcare providers. 

With a capacity of 20kg, this scale boasts the ability to weigh both newborn infants and toddlers on the same instrument. A cleverly designed ergonomic cradle provides comfortable support for babies and locks securely in place. The cradle removes easily to reveal a non-slip rubber mat underneath, simplifying the task of weighing toddlers. 

The MTB features quick start-up and easy operation, so minimal training is needed prior to use.

Key Specifications



  • Backlit displayBacklit display
  • External battery powerExternal battery power
  • External calibrationExternal calibration


  • WeighingWeighing

Features and Benefits


  • Ergonomic cradle provides comfortable support
  • Lightweight design simplifies transport and portability


  • External calibration allows for verification and adjustment with weights
  • Simple operation allows quick startup and use with little or no training
  • The auto power-off feature conserves battery life


  • High-contrast display is easily visible from a distance


  • Operates with AC adapter (included) or batteries (not included)


Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Approvals Request a Quote
Picture of MTB 20MTB 20 20kg 5g 285x560mm   Request a Quote


Nurseries & daycare centres:

Nurseries that look after newborns and toddlers may be required to track weight to ensure healthy development. The MTB doubles as an effective baby and toddler weighing scale through a detachable cradle.

Hospitals & paediatricians:

Medical professionals such as paediatricians that specialise in baby development often use weighing scales as a means to track whether a baby is growing as they should. Scales can detect signs of underdevelopment early, allowing paediatricians to look into dietary and development problems if necessary.


Baby scales can also be used regularly around the home by parents that wish to track their baby's development independently.



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