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Seven Tips for Cleaning Your Washdown Scale

Seven Tips for Cleaning Your Washdown Scale

A washdown scale is meant to stand up to demanding circumstances, like wet or industrial environments or to maintain a clean room’s condition and avoid contamination. The water-resistant scale’s IP rating – which rates the enclosure’s protection against the ingress of dust and water – can be used to determine the manner of cleaning.

Integrating Weighing Equipment to Processes

Nowadays, integration is necessary for any business. It’s not enough to merely have good equipment; the machines should fit together seamlessly to avoid mistakes and save time and money. No matter which industry you’re in, integrating weighing equipment can help you keep track of inventory data, be prepared during audits, reduce waste and process inefficiencies.

The Role of Weighing in Quantification of Blood Loss

During surgery and labor, blood loss must be consistently and accurately monitored in order to keep the patient safe through all phases of the operation. However, it can be difficult to accurately measure blood loss: visual estimations, even when conducted by trained professionals, are well established to result in consistent underestimation, especially in large quantities, which can be dangerous for patients. Weighing can be an effective way to quantify blood loss.

What Adam Equipment is Doing to Help During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone’s life and changing the way we do things. As the situation evolves, we’re staying informed and flexible to better react to the changes brought about by the pandemic. Our management team has prepared several contingency plans that are amended as needed.

Best Practices for Working from Home

For many people, working from home is a bonus under normal circumstances. As many of us find ourselves working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, you may find it difficult to adjust.

Sample Preparation for Moisture Analysis

In moisture analysis, samples are often processed before they’re heated in order to dry evenly, help prevent burns and get correct measurements. Proper sample preparation ensures consistent results, can reduce the chance of errors and ensures the reliability of the tests. Here are some common steps that should be carefully replicated during sample preparation.

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